Parish Pastoral Council

Notes on the PPC meeting on 22nd April

Review of PPC role in the parish. 

  • It was established and agreed that the primary concern of the PPC is purely Pastoral and should not deal with administrative matters. The role of PPC members is to represent the faithful community working in collaboration with Fr Claro to forward the mission of Christ
  • We have a starting point with our parish mission, and we will develop that.
  • It was decided that a starting point would be to ask parishioners what they would like to see happen for themselves and their families. We will start to gather this information both through a questionnaire and through Fr Claro visiting Catholic families in the area and chatting with them. It was agreed that Fr Claro would get one family in an area to host a house Mass and invite some other locals to have a Mass and have an informal discussion about their pastoral needs. He will start with Southmoor, Buckland and Gainfield.
  • The possibility of starting a Parish Youth club and having some youth Masses was discussed.
  • 1st Communion enrolment will begin in January 2022.
  • It was decided that a social event should be planned for the Parish soon after 21st June when Covid restrictions are lifted.
  • Tony said that having a selection of parishioners reading the bidding prayers within the body of the Church was very well received and it was decided that we would continue this practice.
  • It was agreed that the contact details of the Parish Pastoral Council would be put on the Church notice board.
Minutes of the meeting on 25th March 2021

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