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Books for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

“Beyond the Chocolate Window” by Becky Lovall (Onwards & Upwards Pub; £9.99)

Becky gives daily meditations for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany based on well known individuals in the Old and New Testaments, some questions for reflection, suggested action and a brief prayer.

“Footsteps to Bethlehem” by Bill Merington (Kevin Mayhew; £6.99)

Thirty-one brief studies by Bill with a reading, reflection and questions encouraging us to examine our own experiences on the Christian walk, and a prayer.

“Celtic Adventure” by David Cole (BRF; £8.99)

Devotional studies through the eyes and beliefs of Celtic Christianity reflecting on Jesus’ coming – at His birth, into our lives by the Holy Spirit and at the world’s end – with a meditation, contemplation, reading and prayer for each of 40 days.

“Repeat the Sounding Joy” by Christopher Ash (The Good Book Company; £6.99)

Christopher walks through Luke 1 and 2 in 24 studies, with a mediation, a song and a prayer, and space for a journal of our personal journey towards Christmas.

“Christmas through the Keyhole” by Derek Tidball (BRF; £6.99)

Derek considers in detail the songs recorded by Luke of Mary, Zechariah, Simeon and the angels at Bethlehem, concluding each meditation with a prayer.

“Unexpected Jesus” by Anna Robins (CWR; £6.99)

Thirty-one studies of Biblical encounters with Jesus and how individuals responded to His unexpected presence, with a Bible passage to ponder, questions to consider and a prayer. Concludes with notes for four group studies.

“Lighted Windows” by Margaret Silf (BRF; £7.99)

Looks at the ‘windows’ of our human experience, and how there can be new possibilities, reflections of God’s guidance, His call to trust Him and live by His wisdom; with a Scripture passage, meditation, question and prayer.

“Songs for a Saviour’s Birth” by William Philip (IVP; £6.99)

A ‘fresh angle on the Christmas story’ in a journey through Advent looking at the songs of Elizabeth, Mary, Zechariah, the angels, and Simeon and Anna.

“Image of the Invisible” by Amy Scott Robinson (BRF; £8.99)

Amy looks at metaphors and images of God in the Bible and how God reveals Himself to us through these. Each day has a reading, comments, a suggestion or question to provoke further thought, and a prayer. The book concludes with notes for five group studies.

“Journey to Christmas” by 24-7 Prayer Team (CWR; £5.99)

Travel with Elizabeth and Zechariah, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the Magi and Simeon and Anna in their journeys at the time of Jesus’ birth, with prompting to PRAY (Pause, Rejoice and Reflect, Ask, and Yield) every day. Includes notes for four group studies.

For more information or to purchase a book contact Keith Thrower (01367 240 848 or keith.thrower@tiscali.co.uk) or Karen Vogt (01367 241 707 or karen@vogt.org.uk).

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