For those who choose the music for our Masses...

As you're aware, we tend to change to a different Mass setting probably 6 - 8 times per year; typically trying to indicate the start or end of a particular church season (e.g. Lent, Advent etc) - or for a special occasions (e.g. Creation Mass) - or possibly just because it's a new month and we're getting bored!

Please don't feel obliged to put a change of Mass setting into your choice of music; but if you do happen to feel the urge or think it's appropriate, then the following list may be helpful in reminding you what's available. We've at present got 13 Mass settings that we've used at least once in the past three years; and a further handful that have dropped out but could easily be brought into rotation again.


Where the Mass setting name in the list is a link, you can click on it to hear a Midi rendition, so that you can easily remind yourself how a particular setting goes. (More of these will be added in due course).

LHON = "Liturgical Hymns Old & New"