About the Justice and Peace Group

For all of us in the Parish, a vitally important part of our Christian witness is to be evangelists for peace and justice – both in the local community, and in the wider world. This may involve prayer, or finance, or direct action – or all three! Each of us is involved in J&P in many different ways, often working as individuals in our places of work, or for our own chosen charities. But it’s also important that we are able to act as one body through our Community. Very often, in this way, the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts!

Working through the Justice & Peace Group is one way in which the community can leverage and coordinate the different J&P activities.


We see education into J&P issues - of ourselves and of the community - as an important ongoing activity. Over the years, we've used a number of very useful resource/study packs to help us in this. Examples are CAFOD's "Just Food" campaign, the "Refugee Campaign", the "Jubilee 2000 Campaign", the Trade Justice Campaign, and issues around Climate Change.

One of our more memorable events of recent years was to put a gigantic “Make Poverty History” white band around the top of the Folly Tower on “White Band Day” in 2006 !

Fair Trade and Traidcraft

Traidcraft sales are usually held in the church hall after Sunday Mass. These sales are not just important because they promote fair trade, but they also help to make us all more aware of the issues - and directly support The Mustard Seed, our ecumenically-run fair-trade shop in Faringdon. Christmas Hampers are a wonderfully ethical present! The J&P Group are also actively involved in Faringdon Fairtrade Town: Faringdon being the first Fairtrade Town in the South East of England – and we also organize fair-trade-related activities throughout the year – particularly around Fairtrade Fortnight.

Donations to Emergency Appeals & Charities

Emergency appeals and charitable donations are dealt with through the Parish Priest.